Hugo Perez



Hugo Pérez is a Houston-based visual artist. A graduate of the Art Institute of Houston, he received his BFA in visual communication with a focus on graphic design. A self taught painter, his work references his Salvadoran heritage and explores themes of identity and relationships though figurative interpretations. In 2016, he was awarded a residency in Houston based artist John Ross Palmer’s mentorship program. His work has been collected throughout the US and internationally. His painting, Eternal Spring, was featured on the cover of University of Houston’s 2018 annual report for the Center of Mexican American Studies (CMAS). In 2018, his mural, Pride Wall, an extension of the human rights focused campaign, Pride Portraits, became the largest pride mural in Houston. Most recently, he cofounded the queer art collective, Qollective, whose mission is to create meaningful dialogue around contemporary social issues through visual and performance art.

Additional Information

Artist Statement I currently make work across various media, including painting, sound, video, and graphic design to redefine the boundaries of what art-making is and who its intended audience should be. My work references my cultural background and explores the relationship the queer brown body has with itself in a contemporary setting; focusing on family dynamics and examining themes of sexuality and machismo found in the Latinx culture.

Birthplace San Francisco


East End, Houston, Texas 77020