Hugo Perez


Pérez is visual artist currently living in Houston, Texas. Born in the Bay Area of Salvadoran descent, his work often tackles themes of identity, displacement, isolation, and the universal desire to connect. To create his figurative compositions, he uses traditional painting techniques and digital practices, a result of his background in design. Working in tandem with the computer brings awareness to the use of technology in our day to day lives and how that is shaping contemporary art making practices.  

Additional Information

Artist Statement His compositions bring the queer, brown experience to the forefront and reference a rich history of Latin American artist, as well as artists who have grappled with queer themes. Perez’s work can be characterized by elongated, cubist figures rendered in highly saturated color palettes. The paintings invite the viewer into a space often ignored by mainstream media.

Birthplace San Francisco


East End, Houston, Texas 77020